We offer the following school break clinics:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day | Thanksgiving Day | Winter Break | Spring Break | Summer Break

A program of training activities specifically designed to improve all areas of your game.

how it works

Over many years I have worked to improve my methods of squash coaching for professional players, advanced juniors and beginner players.

    I feel that every player can now benefit from my flexible system of coaching. The system involves blending technical, tactical and physical and mental methods.

    You will practice under my guidance from 09:00AM until 4:00PM every day with 60 minutes break for lunch. I am keen to make sure that by the end of 5 days work with me, you are a better player than you were at the beginning of the week. I value improvement more than anything else and my best strength is checking this out in you, so there is an honest and serious side to the week.

    What will you achieve by the end of the week?

        • Have made minor technical improvements to your swing.
        • Have learned tactical plans to use.
        • Have increased your mental toughness and ability to concentrate under pressure.
        • Have increased your squash learning power (creativity, resilience, self belief, game understanding, motivation, curiosity)
        • Have specific practice drills to go away with to help you develop all of the above.
        • Have a personal improvement plan to use on your own for the next 6 months.
        • Have a personal fitness programme to get you fitter and stronger!

        What will you do during the week?

              • Get one to one time with Nick checking out and improving your various swings with help of video footage and analysis
              • Play matches, practise routines, complete movement work and strength exercises
              • Coach your fellow players
              • Take notes and build a personal diary of your week to use in the future
              • Set personal goals for your next 6 months training and for future years.