At NTA we value improvement more than anything and our best strength is checking this out with the player, so there is an honest and serious side to our camps. Basically we care about our players.

Our programs will give players intensive, quality coaching and knowledge of the game, which will improve their games, both short and long term.

how it works

Over the past 20 years we have worked to improve our methods of squash coaching for professional players, advanced and beginner players.

We have certainly learned how to make an impact in the time we have with our players. There is always a fun side to our camps but we want our players to go away feeling they have a better understanding of how to play the game.

You will practice under the guidance of Nick and/or his team from 9.00AM until 3:00PM with 60 minutes break for lunch. We are keen to make sure that by the end of 5 days work players are better than they were at the beginning of the week.

What will you do during the week?

        Click HERE to download the 2024 Summer Camp program to give you an idea of what is available and what we do.

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