The Nick Taylor Squash Academy is one of only a few US programs to offer Squash 57. The sport changed its name from UK Racketball in 2017 and continues to be one of the fastest growing racket sports in the UK and retains the older squash player to the court! 

how it works

A lower impact version of squash, played with slightly different rules and a larger, 57mm diameter ball, compared to 40mm regular squash ball, and played with a US Racketball racket.

    The bouncier ball allows more time to reach your opponent’s shot and means Squash 57 doesn’t require the same lunge as squash, which can be very tough on the knees, hips, and ankles. Its competitive, easy to play, a great workout for the heart and lungs, but most of all fun!

    Nick built a program in Jersey which attracted over 400 new and old players to the courts on the island. More information below…

    why squash57?

    • Squash57 offers both aerobic and anaerobic benefits, with both sustained high-level heart rate activity and quick burst of energy required during play.
    • Squash57 works nearly every muscle group, including sustained, repetitive use of large muscles at increase calorie burn and reduces fat percentage.

      • The average number of calories burned during Squash57 play ranges from 640/hour to 794/hour.

      • Squash57 players work at a constant rate of 75 to 85% of their maximum heart rate for the duration of a typical game.

      • An average game will take 20 minutes, during which a player will run a distance of approximately 3,650 feet – or over two miles in one hour.

    • Squash57 – 382 calories
    • Running – 360 calories
    • Swimming – 349
    • Tennis – 288
    • Weight Training – 288
    • Bicycling – 288
    • Vigorous Aerobics – 256