Our coaching team has over 50 years of experience working with beginners to the #1 juniors in the country. Nick’s past playing experience and technical expertise has seen him work with some of the world’s leading professional players including World #1’s and World Champions. 
Our passion is nurturing all our players through a specific player pathway and challenging them to perform at their best.
Find out more about our coaching team below.

Nick Taylor

Owner/Director of Squash/High Performance Team Leader

Nick is a passionate coach, former World #14 and represented team England. Nick thrives on adding value and achieving success, working with all levels of players from beginners to professionals. Nick focuses on building, developing and mentoring the entire coaching team, and monitors all players in the academy pathway, whether he works individually with them or not.

Nick is available for lessons, player development pathways, clinics, and oversees all programs.

Sarah Taylor

Assistant Director of Squash

Born in England, Sarah started playing squash at age 13 and it has become her lifelong passion. She has over 16 years of coaching experience and holds the England and US Squash Level 2 coaching certification.

In 2008, Sarah moved to the Island of Jersey (UK) from Manchester (UK) with her family and became heavily involved in developing junior and female players with her husband Nick. They immensely contributed to the development of the sport, delivering squash taster session to pupils in 32 schools, reaching out to over 20,000 children.

Olivia Taylor

Squash Professional

Olivia is a former England junior National finalist. She represented Jersey (Channel Islands, UK) in the 2017 European senior Team Championships, winning a bronze medal.

22 year old Olivia won multiple England junior domestic titles and was Jersey National Champion and Channel Island Champion at every junior age group.

Olivia brings a wealth of experience coaching players and helped her father, Nick, run one of the largest junior programs in the UK. She also runs her own academy OTA at Dana Hall school in Wellesley and is the head coach for the girls team

Olivia holds the England and US Squash coaching certification, is safesport trained and is available for private lessons, clinics and match play sessions.

Joe Robinson

Squash Professional

Joe from England is an inspiring, knowledgeable coach with a passion for teaching and a love for squash. He has coached professional and junior squash athletes and is dedicated to the growth and development of each student. while encouraging a lifelong love for the sport.

Joe brings a wealth of experience coaching Professional players in the worlds top 100 and thrives on improving his players technically.

Joe is a level 2 England and US Squash certified coach and holds the US Squash coach pass.

Sam Todd

Touring Professional

Regarded as the most successful junior players ever! Since the young age of four, Sam has always been involved in the game, surrounded by legends like James Willstrop and Lee Beachill, who are both former World number 1’s.

The World #66 Englishman had an incredibly successful junior career, winning every British Junior Open title from BU13-BU19. Sam is a four time US Junior Open champion at three different age categories, along with being British and English Junior Champion 13 times. Sam uses Cross Courts/NTA as his US base when playing the PSA World tour and receives coaching from NTA Director Nick Taylor.

Sam is very excited to pass on his knowledge and experience of the game to our NTA players.

Charlie Taylor

Assistant Coach

Born in England, Charlie started playing squash at age 3. He was a top leading England junior player before moving to the USA in 2018.

19 year old Charlie was one of the top US U19 Junior players who competed on the US Squash junior circuit. Charlie committed to play squash for Drexel University in 2021 and is now a freshman, Drexel finished #7 in the 2023/2024 season.

Charlie has worked with NTA players for the past 6 years and has the ability to bring his playing level up and down to suit a players playing standard.

Charlie holds the level 1 England and US Squash coaching certification, is safesport trained and is available for private lessons, clinics and match play sessions.

supporting team

Fiola Sports Chiropractic

A visit at Fiola Sports Chiropractic (FSC) is much different than your typical chiropractic experience.  The evaluation process is a specialized approach to detecting asymmetries, dysfunction and compensation patterns.  In all athletes, where there is compensation, it is not a matter of if there will be an injury, it is simply a matter of when.  Most of us will develop these compensation patterns as an adaptation to postural issues that arise from our day-to-day lives, both at home and in the workplace.

As a racquet sport, Squash follows the rules of all other sports…when an athletes is forced to adapt around functional deficits, there will be performance decline and risk of injury (either overuse or acute).  Our unique approach helps to detect and correct these deficits in athletes to give them the best opportunity to stay on a healthy path to reach their full squash potential.